Making your everyday spaces....

Marie Jeffery Design is dedicated to creating a space that is a true reflection of you.

“Marie Jeffery Design brings her innate creative streak to everything she touches. She has transformed many homes by being resourceful and using her skills with color, space, balance, detail and texture. She has worked her magic in so many spaces, it is as if she waves a wand from before to after!
Besides being talented, Marie is a joy to work with and she puts heart and soul into all her endeavors. I would recommend Marie for any design project that needs to come alive!”
Meza Harris, Executive Broker/Senior Vice President
Lindsey & Associates
“Marie helped us create the perfect market ready home. From putting pieces in storage to updating colors, her ideas turned our dated home into a fresh showplace. Marie is an energetic young woman with a passion for transforming houses into homes. I hope to have her expertise in our new home, showcasing our personality and style, and creating a space that feels like home.”
Kathi, Homeowner
“Marie Jeffery Design decorated and designed exactly what my daughter, Mallory, wanted! She selected bedding I never would have and the placement of everything is just perfect. The sweetest was the surprise addition of Marie’s personal artwork, a hand-painted scripture hanging on Mallory’s wall.”
Stephanie, Client
The number one attribute that shines around Marie is her ability to connect with her client’s needs and personalities. From the initial client contact, Marie is a joy to be around and eases the client’s apprehension. She allows their current home to be transformed into something that is show ready and pleasing to all.
Marie also has extensive knowledge in starting from the ground up on a new build by helping her clients find clarity with all the choices that, for some, can be extremely overwhelming. She is a delight to work with and for any design need, I will recommend her every time. Get ready to have fun and an enjoyable experience!”
Emily Westphal, Limbird Real Estate Group
“Working with Marie has been blast, her projects are vibrant and fun! We love when she walks through our showroom door, because we know we will get to help her with an amazing project. She has the ability to breathe life into any space. She works really well with clients and other creatives on projects and we would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a well-designed space.”
Amy Koogler, Owner/Principal Designer, Selah Design Studio
“I wanted to create a front porch that was inviting and comfortable. Marie Jeffery expertly created a design that was warm, colorful and welcoming. In addition, she helped refresh some interior spaces. It’s amazing what a few new pieces can do to transform a home. She is a talented professional- integrating quick design fixes while collaborating with my personality. Her inspirational ideas helped tweak some spaces that made my home feel like my own personal nurturing retreat.”
Ann Ternes Rosso

When collaborating with you as a new client, my priority is to create the perfect space designed around your unique tastes and desires. My fresh and timeless sense of style is sure to reflect your wishes and accentuate your personality.

Every project will begin with an initial consultation where I will get to know your wants, dreams, needs, budget, and timeline.

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