Finding New from the Old………..

It is hard for me to believe that it has almost been 2 years since I lost Sam.  I learned a million things from him, but the most important was to just have fun-no matter what. He had no ‘rules’, except to always do what makes you feel alive, and at all costs avoid anything boring! He showed me the freedom God placed in me all along. 

After he died, I had to surrender any ideas about what I thought my future would look like, knowing there wasn’t one single part of my life that would ever be the same again. This has been the hardest lesson to learn and has taken more courage than I knew possible. For the most part, it allows me to live in the moment and that is quite freeing, even though each day isn’t always pretty.  Learning how to live this way has shifted my perspective and has helped me come back to life.  Even in the valleys, I have learned there is peace. 

For so long, I wanted the girl I had been to return. I didn’t realize I was being remade, becoming a stronger version of myself. Learning this was liberating. Deep down, my heart always remained hopeful, even through the worst days of my life. Allowing God to create such beauty out of ashes has helped me accept that the girl I wanted to return doesn’t exist anymore. 

Realizing this changed everything. God used the same ashes to create this person I need to be for the next part of my journey.  Surrendering to this has given me new life. I will never become stuck in a place that isn’t changing me for the best. That determination keeps me moving forward.  Knowing there is such purpose in each part of this life gives me incredible hope.

No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, find the fun in this day and go enjoy every minute. 

Until next time,

Choose Joy