“By focusing on my perfect path, it will become radiant, shining like gold. This will be my life.”

When collaborating with you as a new client, my priority is to create the perfect space designed around your unique tastes and desires. My fresh and timeless sense of style is sure to reflect your wishes and accentuate your personality.

Furthermore, the added value and personal joy you receive from your new treasured space is priceless. Being mindful of each client’s unique lifestyle allows me to orchestrate a seamless look to embody your daily life. I find the most stunning interiors are a beautifully mixed balance between ‘real life’ and specific statement pieces, effortlessly layered throughout the space. Your home reflects all you are and hope to be and sets the tone for the life you live.

Growing up in a small town in the Mississippi Delta, I was immersed in some of the greatest interior design and style you can imagine. Our homes were filled with gorgeous pieces of furniture and beautifully framed memories- it was how our story was told.

As a young girl, I would arrange and rearrange my childhood bedroom repeatedly, with the help of my daddy, who was always so patient and abiding. Years later after embarking on this new career path, I realized my desire to design had always been within my soul.

In college, I focused on earning a degree in education, something completely outside of design. However, through the occasional art elective, I was able to free my passion for art and expression. I didn’t know it then, but this would be the seed that would eventually blossom into the foundation of my design business.

This passion never disappeared, and I kept wishing I could create my own business, doing exactly what I loved. After many years of teaching elementary school, I did just that. I left the educational world and in 2014, Marie Jeffery Design was born. This business has given me such a renewal of spirit and purpose. My story is continually being written, and I’ve discovered that I love how my clients and their homes are a part of my story, and I become a part of theirs.

MARIE Newcome-Jeffery

Owner & CEO

My hope is that our paths will cross and we can create the perfect space for you, allowing us to become a part of each others stories. To me, being alive is so much more than simply living. Truly being alive is intentional and choosing joy no matter the circumstances.